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Buriram Thailand Private Real Estate Home Listing

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ReMax Thailand Real Estate Brokerage no longer have an office or agents in Buriram Province. CBRE Estate Brokers with three decades of experience selling homes | condominiums | land | commercial property in Bangkok and Phuket have zero listings in Buriram Province. They do currently have several 141 square meter two bedroom units in the 50,277,842 to 54,101,428 baht price range. A three bedroom listing on the CBRE website is 343.57 sq.meters for the listed price of 191,705,658 THB.

Cushman & Wakefield has over 100 years experience in selling and leasing real estate. Cushman & Wakefield currently operate approximately 400 offices in over 69 countries, yet no offices in Buriram Thailand. Savills Commercial and Residential Property Agents offer stunning listings in Bangkok, Hua Hin and Phuket Thailand. The 245 square meter three bedroom listing in Bangkok is listed with Savills real estate agency for95,000,000 THB. A four bedroom, four bathroom home in Hua Hin is currently listed for 30,000,0000 THB on the Savills Thailand Website. There are some property listing website below:

Like an increasing number of high end homeowners, I discovered the power of private listings, in which a property is announced for sale to a select group of agents without ending up on the multiple listing service.

What exactly is a private listing?

Private listings can be thought of as word-of-mouth listings agents share with one another.

Different from private sales, in which a seller and buyer work out an agreement without the advice of a real estate agent, private listings are entirely agent driven.

With a private listing,  Adamstein says, he makes a three-part marketing push for the property.

First the house, which is photographed, staged and in the condition it would be to go on the public market, is sent out to local members of the Top Agent Network, a membership organization of the top 10% of agents in 34 markets nationwide in the United States. Such a network does not currently exist in Thailand.

Next he announces the property through an internal communication to 400 agents at his real estate firm.

Then, he sends a personalized email with details about the home to a handpicked list of agents that he knows are most active in the neighborhood.

If a buyer does not immediately emerge, he may host an open house for brokers and agents to come to look at the house.

Advantage to sellers

Adamstein is quoted in the CNN article that while sellers might opt for private listings because they want to avoid the hassle of an open house,more often it’s because they simply want privacy.

“They don’t want someone that’s not qualified to buy it traipsing through or who just wants to see the home because it is someone famous,” he said.”The client will say, get the word out to the right market, the right agents and we’ll try to do this in a quieter way.”

Going on the MLS is a lot of show and tell. ​We’re for the serious, not the curious​.

“My strategy isn’t that we never want to put it on the Multiple Listing Service,” says Adamstein. “If they are very private or famous, then it stays private until a buyer comes along. With other clients we may say, ‘If we don’t sell it on the private market within three weeks, we can put it on the MLS and be better informed’.”

For buyers, private listings are happy if it means avoiding a bidding war.The Home currently listed on is only shown to qualified buyers. Eric Fox, the very first photographer hired by is a friend of the owner of the Satuk Home for sale. Eric shot the majority of the interior and exterior photos of the Buriram Home Website. CNN article written by ​Anna Bahney ​is quoted in this blog. The May 2022 videos filmed including drone footage of the Buriram House for sale was provided by Kelly Butler who is a freelance cameraman who previously traveled on assignment for the Food Network and Al Jazeera network. JUNE 2022 House Tour Video

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