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Benefits Of Buying A Home In A Premium Location In Buriram Thailand

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Having your own house is a dream of everyone. You can see many houses, but finding the best one is tricky. If you are looking for a house in Thailand, you are in the right place. Buying a home in a premium location in Thailand is very beneficial for you. This house is a dream house. The Buriram house is now for sale and in a very safe place. When you buy a home, you can see it is very safe and has a secure neighbourhood, so you don’t have to worry about security and safety.

The premium house is located three blocks from the four-lane highway 219. It is also very close to restaurants, retail shops, bank branches, and companies in the heart of Satuk. Here are some benefits of buying a home in a premium location in Thailand.

Master bedroom in Buriram home

The master bedroom in the Buriram home is just waoo. You can get the most beautiful master bedroom when you buy this home. Both the male and female will get the Buriram main bedroom and walk-in wardrobe. They also get the locking drawers so you can safely keep your belongings in them. The inner and the closet fittings are very good and have a charming look.

Buriram main bathroom suite

The size of the master bedroom suite is 12 square meters in height. You will get the safety grip bars for shower fitting by VRH. There is wall hardware featuring a shower mixer produced in Thailand using rust-free stainless steel VRH 304. The bathroom suite has many beautiful interiors, so don’t worry about the bedroom.

Second-floor rooms and bathroom 

The fourth bedroom on the second level is roomy and has a sizable walk-in closet prepared for your choice of clothes. A completely carpeted toilet is directly accessible from the bedroom. Double wooden doors in this upstairs bedroom opens to a large, tiled terrace with sights of Satuk.

Benefits of buying a home in Thailand

The country has experienced continuous growth in real estate prices as desire has remained high, making Thailand property purchases a wise investment. The nation continues to expand steadily with modern transportation systems and connectivity to critical economic and industrial hubs. The services are on par with those in many expats’ own countries.

Living in Thailand surely doesn’t fail with its cutting-edge healthcare infrastructure, lodging options, business amenities, and quick internet access. Exclusive locations further increase the cost of real estate, making many regions a haven for investors.

The fundamental strength of this kind and hospitable nation may be its unusual nature. The vision of the perfect holiday, which Thailand represents in its actuality, is a calm sea with a flawlessly turquoise colour, a snow-white beach, and palm palms on the seashore.

Thailand is known for its spectacular natural beauty, diversified and abundant flora, wildlife, and marine life, in addition to its beautiful beaches and breathtaking sunsets. Thailand offers the chance to witness waterfalls, sweltering jungles, gorgeous cliffs, and tropical woods.

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Born in Northern California now living in Buriram Province. Speaks English. His wife Mrs. Pin speaks Thai and English. Has worked as the Foreign Sales Department Manager of Ruangsangthai since July 2014. Rental Property management duties in the San Francisco Bay Area from 1976 through 2004. Full time resident of Buriram Province since July 2004. Mr. Bob has experienced the marriage strengthening activity of building two homesin Thailand. He is a fan of listing homes for sale in Thailand that have a current property appraisal signed by a licensed property appraiser. 06​5 5361672.

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