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Foreigner can obtain a House | condo mortgage loan in Buriram Thailand 2022

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Expats who have Thailand Residency This could be on the Long Term Visa, Elite Visa. work permit and proven income source in Thailand. It is important to have a Thailand Tax Identification number.

Non citizens of Thailand  who enjoy Thailand and come here for holidays, maybe for a few months and they don’t have any proven income sources in Thailand. These expats did not pay income taxes to the Thailand Revenue department.

One: Obtain a Bank mortgage in Thailand as a “foreigner”.

People with permanent residency can try to apply for a Bank mortgage in Thailand. If your documentation is in order, there is an option for expats who earn a reasonable and stable income for two years before submitting a mortgage loan application. It is crucial that the loan applicant should have a valid current work permit in Thailand which allows them gainful employment in Thailand. There are a few banks, who offer mortgage service for foreigners in Thailand.


ICBC Bank interest rate 5.5 – 7.5%

UOB Bank interest rate is 5.5 – 8%

These two banks have several branches in Thailand including a UOB Bank Branch in Buriram.

ICBC Bank branch locations include Phuket | Pattaya | Khon Kaen | Bangkok | Chiang Mai

Two: A Prominent Financial institution which will loan money for condominium home purchase in Thailand. There are condominiums in Buriram Province where you may obtain this mortgage.

The most prominent financial institution in Thailand which has the experience and staff to secure a mortgage for foreigners is MBK Guarantee Company.

A foreigner | expat | non-citizens with good credit may apply for a mortgage with the following terms with MBK Guarantee Company.

50% Down Payment

Only Foreign freehold condominium

Proof of legal taxable income for last two consecutive years

The interest rate is 9.5 – 10.5%

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Born in Northern California now living in Buriram Province. Speaks English. His wife Mrs. Pin speaks Thai and English. Has worked as the Foreign Sales Department Manager of Ruangsangthai since July 2014. Rental Property management duties in the San Francisco Bay Area from 1976 through 2004. Full time resident of Buriram Province since July 2004. Mr. Bob has experienced the marriage strengthening activity of building two homesin Thailand. He is a fan of listing homes for sale in Thailand that have a current property appraisal signed by a licensed property appraiser. 06​5 5361672.

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